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Mike Gowans Founder and CEO

I help people feel confident, overcome their challenges, and create successes they want by training them to be champions in their own lives!

I do this with the self-mastery system I developed out of my martial arts training.

I can  train you to be a chapion in your own life so you can:

- Be inspired by the person in the mirror.
- Feel capable and confident.
- Overcome the pain in life.
- Have enviable inner strength.
- Trust yourself to handle whatever life hits you with.
- Make a triumph of your life.

This is done without having to be positive all the time, having to do it perfectly, or wasting time on meaningless goals.

I can help you leave the common path of suffering, and live a meaningful life inspired by the person in the mirror.

My passion for helping people be inspired by the person in the mirror is best summed up by an experience I wrote about back on August 29, 2018:

Once again, I begin this day with wonderful feelings. I feel calm, centered, and ready for life today. I am also feeling self-fulfillment. And I saw in the mirror a glimmer in my eyes, bright with my soul stepping forward with the purpose of helping others feel these wonderful feelings too. 


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